IL1000 - SF125 spec - Duty Station

IL1004 - Tek-CARE®120 wiring - standard system layout, color

IL1005 - Tek-CARE®120 wiring - plus system layout, color

IL1010 - Staff App manual - Installation and Operation Manual

IL1011 - NC475 spec - Tek-CARE Appliance Server

IL1012 - NC475 manual - Tek-CARE Appliance Server - Installation and Operation Manual

IL1013 - IR160 spec - Audio Station

IL1014 - NC160 spec - Central Equipment

IL1015 - IH122K spec - Dual Station Mounting Kit

IL1020 - LS621/LS631 spec - Tek-CARE Staff App

IL1021 - LS622 spec - Tek-CARE TV

IL1024 - Tek-CARE®160 manual - Two-way Audio Communication Nurse Call System

IL1025 - Tek-CARE®160 wiring - standard system layout, color

IL1026 - Tek-CARE®160 wiring - plus system layout, color

IL1029 - NC403TS spec - Tek-CARE Monitor

IL1032 - SF521UL spec - Wireless Room Station, 1/4" jack

IL1033 - SF523UL spec - Wireless Room Station

IL1034 - NC404TS spec - Tek-CARE Master Station NC404TS photo

IL1035 - NC356CE spec - Central Equipment NC356CE photo

IL1036 - SF401KIRL spec - Pillow Speaker

IL1051 - IH121K spec - Single Station Mounting Kit

IL1052 - NC403TS/NC404TS manual - NC403TS Monitor and NC404TS Master Station Installation Manual NC403TS/NC404TS photo

IL1054 - Tek-CARE® TV manual - Installation and Operation Manual

IL1057 - NC356CE manual - Tek-CARE® NC300III NC356CE photo

IL1058 - NC415AV spec - Master Station

IL1061 - IH521 spec - Single Station Mounting Kit

IL1065 - Tek-CARE500 manual - Enhanced Location Manual

IL1068 - NC403TS / NC404TS / NC415AV manual - Master Stations User Guide

IL1072 - CT160/CT160K spec - CT160 Cable Adapter 8P8C to 2-Wire

IL1077 - NC503 spec - Central Monitoring Modem

IL1082 - LS454 manual - Config Tool Live Software User Guide

IL1083 - LI122UN spec - Room Controller with Dome Light

IL1084 - NC554/8 manual - Network Switch

IL1087 - NC404TS Bracket manual - Install Instructions

* Password required to access installation manuals. Call US & Canada Sales to obtain one.

Many of our international customers are also members of the TekTone Elite Partner program. The title of TEP designates that the company has attended factory training as designed by our Product Support Manager and maintains a local service staff to attend to systems 24/7.

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TekTone’s portfolio is diverse by offering wireless pendants that fully integrate with wired audio-visual nurse call, resident wander management, and alert integration- simultaneously.  Our goal is to meet the various needs of an entire community on a single platform.