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TekTone designs and manufactures high quality, affordable nurse call, wireless nurse call, wander management, alert integration and emergency call products. In addition, we specialize in pocket paging, apartment entry, and area of rescue assistance systems that are used in a wide range of applications.

Our line of nurse call systems includes tone-visual, wireless, and fully programmable systems. These systems are used as nurse call and emergency call systems in CCRC, skilled care, assisted living, senior housing and independent living facilities. They are also found in clinics and doctors’ offices, and public and private hospitals throughout the world.


In 1973, TekTone Sound & Signal Mfg., Inc. began its manufacturing operations in Lake Park, Florida. Since that time, the company has grown rapidly to serve the intercommunication market both nationally and internationally. In 1989, TekTone opened a manufacturing facility in Franklin, North Carolina. In 1998, TekTone constructed a vast research and development department in Franklin, and in 2001 we relocated all operations to Franklin.

In 2016, TekTone purchased a 72,262-square-foot facility in the same industrial park and moved all operations under one roof. The new facility is more than twice the size of the previous space, which will allow TekTone to expand its workforce and output. Being a key player in the nurse call system market and doing business on 5 continents, this new space will accommodate the expected growth.

In 2023, TekTone celebrates five decades of successful business.  TekTone thanks the employees, customers, vendors, suppliers, and the community for making this achievement possible. 

TekTone History


Manuel Mira founded Mirtone in 1959.—Mirtone was the first company to provide home intercom systems using transistorized amplifiers.


Mirtone sold in 1969 and went public.


TekTone founded in Lake Park, FL.


The Tek-Entry Apartment Entry System was introduced. This was the foundation for TekTone’s first generation of communication systems.



First UL1069 Listed Nurse Call System Designed. The NC150 was first introduced as SM300 in 1977. It became the NC150 in 1978.



The NC110 and NC150 Nurse Call Systems were released—the NC110 is still in production today and, in some markets, is still one of TekTone’s best sellers.


The NC200 master was released. Thus, the NC150 and NC200 simply added a voice component to the NC110. The NC150 served as the platform for the NC150R—Area of Rescue System.


Our Franklin, NC facility opened its doors in 1989, which eventually grew to be our world headquarters and production plant. Invested over $750,000 in new equipment.
The NC300 was first introduced, and was TekTone’s first microprocessor system. The NC300 system was a resounding success, and continues to be used in many facilities to the present day.


In 1998, TekTone constructed a new research and development department at our Franklin, NC campus.


The NC300 system was upgraded with the introduction of the NC300II system. The second generation of the NC300 system brought better displays, expanded system capacity, and numerous feature improvements.



TekTone relocates all operations to Franklin, NC.


TekTone becomes an ISO 9001 certified company. This standard ensures high-quality products and services, and the listing has been maintained uninterrupted since it’s achievement in 2002.


Developed the first NC500 wireless system, which became our UL 2560 listed Tek-CARE500 Wireless Nurse Call System in 2016.


After six years in development, the Tek-CARE400 was released. Represents new base for all future development. Provided ability to penetrate hospital market, and begins to create the concept of the Tek-CARE Platform.


The Tek-CARE400 P5 system is released. This is a modernization of the Tek-CARE400 system, and is TekTone’s first system that allows for extensive use of CAT5 wiring throughout facilities.


Tek-ALERT is introduced as one of the four pieces that help make up TekTone’s move to more standardized equipment development.  With the NC385 for the NC300II, NC470 Tek-BRIDGE and NC501 all operating on the same basic platform, the Tek-ALERT was added and cross platform integration could be accomplished. This allowed the software from one system to migrate to another system and even have all systems operating from a similar server.


The Tek-CARE700 Wander Management System released. The TC700 system lets dementia and at-risk residents move freely about your facility while helping to ensure their safety.


TekTone purchased a 72,262-square-foot facility in the same industrial park in Franklin, NC and moved all operations under one roof.


Tek-CARE120 system was released. This two-wire system is the spiritual successor to the NC110 system with simplified wiring, expanded features, attractive and easy to use master stations, and much more.


TekTone became certified under the ISO 9001:2015 standard by DQS.


Tek-CARE160 system released. Provides users with sleek and modern stations as well as the ability to communicate with two-way audio using the familiar and simple basic architecture of the Tek-CARE120 system.


The Tek-CARE300III released. This is a third generation CE module for the NC300-series product family, providing enhanced connectivity, modern master stations, and a way to connect legacy systems to the Tek-CARE platform.


Tek-CARE400 P5+ Nurse Call System released—System offers two versatile, touchscreen master station options in the NC404TS and the NC415AV, allowing you to decide which option best fits your needs and your budget.


In 2023, TekTone celebrates five decades of successful business.  TekTone thanks the employees, customers, vendors, suppliers, and the community for making this achievement possible.

A family-owned business committed to providing quality intercommunication solutions at competitive prices, supported by conscientious customer service, for the Health CareResidential, and Commercial markets.

Ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) are health care facilities that offer patients the convenience of having surgeries and procedures performed safely outside the hospital setting. This trend in healthcare is a growing new market and TekTone has designed our systems to offer valuable nurse and emergency call capabilities to ASC patients.


Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC), also known as Life Plan Communities, are designed for seniors who are currently living independently, but want the safety and security of being cared for as they age without having to relocate. As a resident’s health declines, he or she may transition from an independent living residence to assisted living, to an intermediate or skilled nursing facility—all on one campus. TekTone offers systems specialized in adapting to the changing needs of CCRCs, while keeping resident’s safety and security a top priority.


A skilled nursing facility (nursing home, convalescent home, care home or rest home) provides a place of residence for those who require continuous nursing attention. Services available in skilled nursing facilities include assistance of nurses, nursing aides and assistants; physical, occupational and speech therapists; social workers, recreational assistants; and living space. In some instances, residents may reside in skilled nursing facilities to receive rehabilitation or other therapy following an illness or accident.


Assisted living / independent living facilities usually have a campus-wide call system so a resident can notify caregivers by initiating a call from a personal pendant or emergency button press/pull. The systems specified for these types of facilities are usually referred to as emergency call systems or personal emergency response systems. Call system requirements in assisted/independent living vary, but may be mandatory in some states. Assisted living facilities may prefer a combination of Tek-CARE wireless and wired technology, with pull-cord stations, call buttons and wireless pendants to ensure staff members are notified efficiently and quickly.


Nurse call systems for hospitals, microhospitals and cancer centers must offer more than the ability for a patient to call for a nurse. These systems are now about total solutions to improving facility performance. Performance is identified as improving efficiency in terms of facility goals (rounding, reducing time to answer calls, tracking staff performance using metrics), improving staff satisfaction, and improving patient satisfaction.


TekTone's National Accounts Program is specifically structured for organizations that have multiple facilities. Whether you are a local, regional or national organization, our national account program provides you with high quality healthcare communications and a world-class service network.



The Tek-CARE platform provides customizable communication solutions for all types of healthcare facilities. TekTone’s wired and wireless nurse call systems provide flexible features and integrations to assist staff members in providing the greatest care for residents. In addition to the safety and security provided by the nurse call system, TekTone also offers the Tek-CARE Wander Management system to help keep at risk residents away from harm and Fall Detection and Monitoring offering peace of mind for caregivers, residents, and their loved ones. With the Alert Integration Manager, these systems can be integrated to display calls at one convenient location, as well as provide customized management reports. Along with reporting, the Tek-CARE Staff App can be used to notify staff on-the-go using iOS or Android devices or display monitors using Tek-CARE TV.



TekTone’s roots lie in the manufacturing and design of apartment entry systems. With multiple station options, custom engraved panels and retrofit capabilities, Tek-ENTRY apartment systems provide a convenient and reliable communication path for residents. Also available is the Tek-SAFE Area of Rescue Assistance System for areas out-of-reach of communication in the event of an emergency.

Where to Buy

TekTone products are available through hundreds of distributors and service providers around the world. Click on Where to Buy to contact your regional manufacturer’s representative or to inquire about your nearest TekTone Elite Partner.

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