TekTone's Training RoomTekTone offers TEP Tek-CARE Product Training, Recertification Training for our TEP technicians, project engineers and project managers as well as non-TEP Training for all TekTone customers interested in installing and servicing Tek-CARE systems. 

There are several different resources for TekTone systems training. Before reviewing onsite training requirements, please visit the TekTone YouTube page. There you will find a selection of training videos on a variety of TekTone systems, including reporting, wander management and the Tek-CARE500 wireless nurse call system.

TekTone offers training at our factory for no charge. You are responsible for your lodging, meals and transportation to Franklin, NC. Maximum class size is 8 people, and attendees are encouraged to sign up at least 2 weeks in advance. Download the TekTone Product Training Welcome Letter for directions and lodging information.

If you would like to train several technicians at once, bring our technical training to your facility. Download a PDF of our TEP Tek-CARE Product Line Training or our Non-TEP Tek-CARE Product Training.

To register for training, or for more information, please click below:

This class runs Monday–Thursday and covers: Tek-CARE400 and P5 Nurse Call Systems, Tek-CARE500 Wireless Nurse Call System, Tek-ALERT Integration Manager, Tek-CARE700 Wander Management System, and Tek-CARE120/160 Nurse Call System. We will discuss the product line, features, operation, and installation requirements in detail, and cover system programming as well as ancillary features such as paging, reporting, and email options.

(You must be a TekTone Elite Partner (TEP) to sign up for this class.)

This 2-day class recertifies technicians who have been previously certified as TEPs. Previous certification is required for all attendees.

We offer a 3-day class for non-TEPs. This class covers our Tek-CARE120/160, the Tek-CARE300 series, Tek-CARE500 and Tek-ALERT.

TEP Tek-CARE Product Line Training

Tek-CARE120/160 & Tek-CARE500 Training


Non-TEP Tek-CARE Product Line Training

If you have any questions or problems with registration, please contact Brian Guerico at 800.327.9967, ext. 155 or bguercio@tektone.net.