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Nurse call systems for hospitals, microhospitals and cancer centers must offer more than the ability for a patient to call for a nurse. These systems are now about total solutions to improving facility performance. Performance is identified as improving efficiency in terms of facility goals (rounding, reducing time to answer calls, tracking staff performance using metrics), improving staff satisfaction, and improving patient satisfaction.

The nurse call system must be flexible enough to adapt to future needs and to allow for integration to future systems, while being UL® 1069 Listed. Reporting capabilities allow staff to not only track efficiency, but they protect both the patient and staff by providing solid data in the event of a problem. Aesthetics, durability and ease of use are a consideration in the hospital, microhospital and cancer center markets, along with corridor lighting and pleasant sounds.

Alerting devices such as pagers, wireless phones and smart phone notification increase mobility and productivity—by sending calls to them almost instantaneously. Nurse call systems that interface with facility information systems, such as admit–discharge–transfer systems, are highly effective in supporting efficient patient care by providing detailed patient information. Furthermore, tracking patients, staff and assets using tracking software results in enhanced workflow and improved patient care.

TekTone offers various levels of Tek-CARE nurse call systems from a basic direct-select audible-visual to the latest microprocessor-based audio/visual nurse call system. All Tek-CARE nurse call systems are UL® Listed and approved for hospital, microhospital and cancer center applications while being scalable to meet a facility’s needs by integrating with pocket pagers, wireless phones, management reporting software, and a variety of other ancillary systems.