TekTone manufactures a complete line of communication and life safety equipment for facilities around the world.


The Tek-CARE platform provides customizable communication solutions for all types of healthcare facilities. TekTone’s wired and wireless nurse call systems provide flexible features and integrations to assist staff members in providing the greatest care for residents. In addition to the safety and security provided by the nurse call system, TekTone also offers the Tek-CARE Wander Management system to help keep at risk residents away from harm. With the Alert Integration Manager, these systems can be integrated to display calls at one convenient location, as well as provide customized management reports. Along with reporting, the Tek-CARE Staff App can also be used to notify staff on-the-go using iOS or Android devices or display monitors using Tek-CARE TV.

For other healthcare applications, there is TekTone’s line of emergency call products. Simple, tone-visual systems that allow facilities to monitor doors and residents to alert the appropriate staff when in need.

Commercial and Residential

TekTone’s roots lie in the manufacturing and design of apartment entry systems. With multiple station options, custom engraved panels and retrofit capabilities, Tek-ENTRY apartment systems provide a convenient and reliable communication path for residents. Also available is the Tek-SAFE Area of Rescue Assistance System for areas out-of-reach of communication in the event of an emergency.

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  • Nurse Call Systems

    Nurse Call Systems

    TekTone has UL® Listed nurse call systems to meet the needs of hospitals, nursing homes and assisted-living facilities. Also known as call bell…

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  • Wander Management System

    Wander Management System

    TekTone's Tek-CARE700 system lets dementia and at-risk residents move freely about your facility, while preventing them from wandering off.

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  • Tek-ALERT Integration Manager

    Tek-ALERT Integration Manager

    Our new Tek-ALERT Integration Manager allows your facility to seamlessly integrate calls and activities from all of your systems and route those calls…

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  • Apartment Entry Systems

    Apartment Entry Systems

    Our apartment entry systems include 3-, 4- and 5-wire speaker station versions and vandal-resistant systems. Tek-ENTRY ...

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  • Emergency Call Systems

    Emergency Call Systems

    Use our Tek-CARE500 wireless nurse call system when a UL® 2560 listed system is required. Our CM800 emergency call system, designed to accompany…

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  • Tek-CARE Staff App

    Tek-CARE Staff App

    TekTone is proud to feature the Tek-CARE TV app and the Tek-CARE Staff App for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, as well…

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