PK124 wiring - Battery charger - IL426

PK124K spec - Battery backup kit - IL818

PK153 spec - Third priority (code blue) control unit - IL473

PK2019A spec - Power & Control Unit for CM800, DS100 - IL310

PK250B spec - Power/Standby UPS - IL472

PK305A spec - Supplemental Power Supply - IL698

PK502B spec - Dual Entrance Control Unit - IL955

PK505 spec - Transformer for NC505ES, NC506ES - IL895

PK543A spec - Apartment station amplifier/power supply (5, 4 & 3 wire) - IL482

PK601A spec - Power supply for BE007, LI404B, PK205, PK612A - IL420

PK612A spec - DC dome lamp flasher amplifier - IL213

Tek-ENTRY with PK205 manual - Apartment Entry Systems with PK205 Amplifier - IL418

Tek-ENTRY® PK502B manual - Dual Entrance Transfer Relay - IL499

Tek-ENTRY® PK543A *manual - Apartment station amplifier/power supply (5, 4 & 3 wire) - IL826

* Password required to access installation manuals. Call US & Canada Sales to obtain one.

Many of our international customers are also members of the TekTone Elite Partner program. The title of TEP designates that the company has attended factory training as designed by our Product Support Manager and maintains a local service staff to attend to systems 24/7.

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TekTone® products are designed and built in our FDA-registered, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in North Carolina - plus a network of distributors and representatives that stretches worldwide.

TekTone’s portfolio is diverse by offering wireless pendants that fully integrate with wired audio-visual nurse call, resident wander management, and alert integration- simultaneously.  Our goal is to meet the various needs of an entire community on a single platform.