Tek-CARE160 Two-Way Audio Communication Nurse Call System

The Tek-CARE160 Two-Way Audio Communication Nurse Call System is a modern and affordable nurse call system that is easy to install, use, and maintain. Featuring customizable peripheral devices, sleek, touchscreen master stations and high-quality two-way voice communication, the Tek-CARE160 is designed to meet the needs of facilities across the entire healthcare spectrum.

The NC415AV master station includes the Tek-CARE user interface on a compact, five-inch, LCD touchscreen, as well as an optional audio handset and cradle for placement. With the handset, staff can communicate loudly and clearly with residents between patient rooms and the nurses station without the interference of background noise. Optionally, staff members can utilize the push-to-talk button on the master. The master station maintains a small footprint to easily rest on a desk or can be wall-mounted.

The NC404TS master station features the same Tek-CARE user interface, along with a 22-inch screen will full touchscreen capabilities. This master includes options for Icon View and Map View in addition to classic List View. With Map View, facilities can view call locations on a facility map to more easily identify calls. The NC404TS also features a handset for discreet conversations between the nurses station and resident rooms.

The NC403TS Tek-CARE Monitor is a new product designed to simplify viewing calls on the Tek-CARE Network. The NC403TS annunciates call activity on a sleek 22-inch touchscreen monitor while utilizing the familiar Tek-CARE user interface. The unobtrusive monitor can be placed anywhere throughout the facility.

Room controllers feature energy-efficient LED dome lights, and include connection points for up to six stations. Available in either red and white or blue and white options.

Patient stations are easy to clean and can be simply combined with a speaker to enable two-way voice communication. The stations are available in single or dual versions, utilizing a one-quarter-inch jack receptacle for call cord insert. The speaker stations feature an assurance LED beneath the surface that illuminates when an audio path is open, ensuring resident privacy and safety.

Two-button customizable stations are designed with optional pull cord and include inserts for emergency, code, or bath call stations — or create custom inserts for call types unique to each facility. These stations can be used in one- or two-gang housings. In the two-gang housing, stations can be combined with other two-button stations, patient stations or even a speaker station to provide audio communication with custom calls. Optional water-resistant gasket allow the stations to be used in showers, baths, or tub rooms.

Duty stations annunciate calls in staff areas using 4 LEDs and a tone speaker. As an alternative, use additional wall-mounted master stations to provide room-specific information at multiple locations.

Add the Tek-CARE Appliance Server to easily integrate the Tek-CARE160 system with other nurse call systems, as well as a wide variety of building systems, such as fire alarm, security, and access control systems. The Tek-CARE Appliance Server supports many optional features, including pocket paging, reporting, remote event monitors, email output, Tek-CARE TV, and Tek-CARE Staff App for iOS and Android.

Apple TVs with HDTVs display calls in a large format that's visible from a distance. Our Tek-CARE Staff App enables iOS and Android devices (plus any paired smartwatches) to display calls on the go, with selectable tone, vibrate, or flash notifications. Each device displays all calls in its assigned zones from all connected systems at once. The Tek-CARE Appliance Server sends events to these devices via the facility's WiFi.

The Tek-CARE160 allows for an easy upgrade path from legacy nurse call systems. Existing wiring can be re-used for installation, saving on costs and labor.

The Tek-CARE160 nurse call system is UL®1069 and UL®2560 Listed, cUL® Listed to CSA C22.2 No. 205, and RoHS Compliant.


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