Tek-CARE400 P5 Nurse Call System

 TekTone's premium nurse call system, the Tek-CARE400 P5, is programmable to meet the needs and goals of your facility. The system has a clean contemporary look, and is designed to be both staff- and patient-friendly.

P5 patient stations include one or two DIN jacks, and dummy plugs are not required. Staff, duty and multipurpose stations are also available, along with a resident pull-cord station, a resident check-in station with pull-cord and call button, and a vandal-resistant/psychiatric staff station.

All P5 stations provide crystal-clear communication using full-duplex audio. Up to eight peripheral devices and two corridor lights can be connected to each P5 remote station. Plus, all P5 stations are interchangeable, with simplified wiring that uses CAT5 or better cable and plug-in connectors. No separate power cables!

IL910P5 duty stations provide corridor light indication plus hands-free communication to the nurse master station from remote areas, such as utility rooms, examination rooms, and kitchen. The duty station's four colored LEDs use programmable flash rates to show resident or patient calls, while its call tones are the same pleasant tones as the master station.

IR416 for the P5Vandal-resistant staff stations are also available to provide worry-free emergency communications in detention facilities and psychiatric environments.

P5 DomesThe stylish P5 corridor lights have four multicolor LEDs that can be individually programmed to display one color, or to alternate between two colors. Add decorative dome light sconces for a homey touch.


The Tek-CARE400 P5 nurse call system's NC455CE master is our new second-generation central equipment module for the Tek-CARE400 P5, and is only the beginning of the future for TekTone's flagship system. The NC455CE is backward compatible with legacy Tek-CARE400 P5 stations, providing facilities the ability to upgrade while maintaining their current way of life. The new module eliminates the current need for the PM-series individual station and master modules, and each CE module can support up to 32 patient stations or 6 touchscreen master stations. With the NC455CE, users can use either the NC415AV and/or the new NC404TS. This module is also stackable and rack mountable for easy installation. 

The NC404TS Tek-CARE Master Station is the transformative newaddition for the Tek-CARE platform. With a 22" touchscreen and the new TekTone user interface, the NC404TS makes it easier than ever for staff to view and manage calls. The full touchscreen capability allows staff to easily sort through calls, place staff requests and, with Map View, see the assigned location of the call's point of origin in the facility. The master also features a side cradle handset, allowing for two-way voice communication with the caller, saving time in assessing the patient's needs. The master station can be wall or desk mounted, allowing each facility to decide where it fits into their everyday tasks.

The Tek-CARE400 P5 nurse call system integrates with a variety of ancillary systems. Apple TVs with HDTVs display calls in a large format that's visible from a distance. The Tek-CARE Staff App enables iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices (plus any paired smartwatches), as well as Android devices, to display calls on the go, with selectable tone, vibrate, or flash notifications. Each device displays all calls in its assigned zones from all connected systems at once.

The Tek-CARE Reporting software monitors the nurse call system, providing detailed reports on all system activity, from any computer on the facility's network — or sync activity databases from multiple nurse call systems and create combined reports on all of a company's facilities. Email output software can automatically send nurse call system notifications to staff email addresses, adding another means of communication.

With the ADT Interface using the HL7 Standard software, the nurse master station displays the resident's or patient's name and other information when a call is placed. By adding integrations with the facility's real-time location system, the Tek-CARE400 P5 system automatically registers staff presence and clears routine calls.

The Tek-CARE400 P5 nurse call system is UL® 1069 Listed and cUL® Listed to CSA C22.2 No. 125.

Tek-CARE400 P5 is sold through regional TekTone Elite Partners. To request more information, call our Sales Department at 800.327.8466, option 2, or use our contact form.