Tek-ALERT Spec Sheets

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Tek-ALERT® Submittal Package (all spec sheets)
CT601 - serial to IP converter - IL918 Click on this icon to display the image for this product.
NC475 - Tek-CARE Appliance Server - IL1011
LS621/LS631 - Tek-CARE Mobile App - IL1020
LS622 - Tek-CARE TV - IL1021
NC365B - Paging Transmitter - IL670
NC503 - Central Monitoring Modem - IL1077
NC397A - Pager with holster & safety cord - IL734
NC556 - Ethernet to Fiber Converter - IL958
NC554/8 - Network Switch - IL952
NC377 - Paging Interface Adapter (Voltage Interface) - IL680
SI005 - LED Messaging Sign - IL890 Click on this icon to display the image for this product.

A&E Spec for Tek-ALERT Integration Manager used with Tek-CARE® NC110, NC150, NC200 Nurse Call Systems

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