New Versus® Clearview Badge!

The new Clearview Badge is available in white, green, blue, red and yellow, giving caregivers, administrators, patients and visitors an easy way to distinguish badges from one another.

TekTone® has partnered with Versus® to offer healthcare facilities the power to locate patients, staff and equipment at all times—automating many tasks! Our Versus® Tracking
Interface Software receives tracking badge locations from the Versus® Information System (VIS), and displays it on NC401TS LCD touchscreen master stations. Staff members wearing
badges are automatically logged into patient rooms, and pressing a button on a badge places a staff emergency call on the nurse call system.

Advantages and features of the system include:
LS451 Versus® Tracking Interface Software runs on the NC470 Tek-BRIDGE™PC, which is connected to the Tek-CARE®400 Nurse Call System and, via the facility’s local
area network, to the Versus® Information System (VIS) server.
Programming is done via an online configuration tool.
Automatically register staff presence in patient rooms.
Place a staff emergency call when the button on a badge is pressed.
Track equipment.
Automatically create the VIS locations database from nurse call system station data.

For more information, call our Sales Department at (800) 327-8466.

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