New Product Release: Blue Dome Light for the Tek-CARE®120

Responding to requests, TekTone® is pleased to present the LI122BL- a fully UL Listed equivalent to the LI122 red-and-white dome light and room controller. The LI122BL features two blue segments and two white segments. Its mounting and connections will also be familiar to those already familiar with the LI122. The unit features the same high reliability LED illumination for trouble-free operation.

The blue-and-white dome light and room controller is the perfect option for Tek-CARE®120 systems maintained in Code Blue areas, or areas where a higher priority call type is desired beyond red or white.

For more information, view the IL996 spec sheet or contact the sales department at (800)327-8466 option 2. For the Tek-CARE®120, visit our website.

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