Our new NC450MICRO Single Module Central Equipment has all of the power of the NC450 CE in a miniature version. It can be used as an easily portable demonstration unit, or serve as the basis for a fully functional nurse call system.

The NC450MICRO accommodates one of these master & station modules:
• PM453 Tek-CARE®400 Master & Station Module
• PM455 P5 Master & Station Module
• PM456 NC300/II Master & Station Module

NC450MICRO Single Module CE (shown with PM455 P5 Master & Station Module)

PM451 Hub Control Module functions are built in, including an Ethernet port for connecting to the Tek-CARE®400 Network. NC450MICRO units can be installed in different locations within larger campuses and networked together, allowing for decreased cable lengths, increased performance
and almost limitless system size.

Power is provided by a built-in PK450 Power Supply using a standard computer-style plug-in power cord with strain relief. Battery backup is external via the separate PK250B Uninterruptible Power Supply.
The NC450MICRO is housed in an attractive and functional surface mounted metal enclosure with a ventilated cover plate. It features a fanless design for long-term reliability, allowing for installation in areas where noise is a concern. And of course, the NC450MICRO is UL® and cUL® 1069 listed.

For more information, call our Sales Department at (800) 327-8466 option 2 and ask for specification sheet IL990.