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IL713 - IR319B & IR320B spec - Patient Stations with DIN jacks

IL715 - Tek-CARE® 300II manual - Nurse Call System

IL715.1 - Tek-CARE® NC300II wiring - Block Wiring Diagrams

IL726 - IR150B spec - Staff Station IR150B photo

IL727 - IR151B & IR152B spec - Patient Stations, 1/4" jacks IR151B & IR152B photo

IL728 - IR155B spec - Single Patient Station with pull cord IR155B photo

IL734 - NC397A spec - Alphanumeric Pager with holster & safety cord

IL738 - *TA150N, TA200N manual - Handset

IL759 - SI002 spec - Area of Rescue Assistance Sign SI002 photo

IL760 - DS100 spec - Audible-Visual Annunciator Panel DS100 photo

IL765 - IR150SS-series spec - Remote Call Stations, Area of Rescue Assistance IR150SS-series photo

IL766 - SI003 spec - Directional Arrow Sign, Area of Rescue Assistance SI003 photo

IL767 - SF401A spec - Call Cord, oxygen safe, waterproof, DIN plug SF401A photo

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