Tek-CARE® software v. 7254 and later features room status inputs, transmitter status updates, and the ability to download reports from other systems.

  • Room status inputs, such as fall risk, are triggered from an NC402TS Master Station, Event Monitor, or Remote Event Monitor. The new call class “Status” includes two status inputs: Status1 and Status2. Create custom call types to assign to each status input, or use the new Fall Risk call type.

This update includes:

      • Icons for the master station
      • Icons for the event monitor and remote event monitors
      • Config Tool Hardware tab updates
      • A new call type, Fall Risk
    • Wireless transmitters can now be set as either Away or Away while leaving so they do not come up missing until they are heard from again.
        • Away, found in the “In use” section, prevents the transmitter from being reported as missing.
        • The Away while leaving check box becomes visible after Away is selected. Away while leaving gives the resident 15 minutes to get out of range. Then when the transmitter returns within range, it is automatically put back in service (set to In use).
  • Reporting databases from other Tek-CARE® systems can now be downloaded and used to create combined reports. This is useful for facilities with two or more independent Tek-CARE® systems that are not networked together, but are connected to the facility LAN. The reports can be customized and generated from your Tek-CARE® Reporting screen as before, but with the added option of ‘Remote Database Syncing.’

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