The NC403TS Tek-CARE® Monitor is a new product designed to simplify viewing calls on the Tek-CARE Network. The NC403TS annunciates call activity on a sleek 22” touchscreen monitor while utilizing the familiar Tek-CARE user interface. The unobtrusive monitor can be placed anywhere throughout the facility.

The benefits of the NC403TS are endless, arriving with complete TekTone hardware and software and requiring no additional outside software. Working with the Tek-CARE Network and NC475 Appliance Server, the NC403TS provides real-time alerts from any connected systems.

The NC403TS features:

  • No separate licensing
  • Easily configurable
  • Touchscreen controls
  • Interactive display
  • Zoneable calls

The monitor also features volume control, a non-interactive display option and the ability to display system faults. Resident information is also available via the touchscreen. Multiple NC403TS monitors can be used in combination with other remote monitors on the Tek-CARE Network, with a maximum number of 254 monitor devices combined.

For more details, the specification sheet can be found here:  For pricing, please contact our Sales Department at 800.327.8466, option 2 or via our contact form.