TekTone has entered into a partnership with Critical Alert in order to offer Rapid Deployment kits for hospitals.  The Rapid Deployment Kits feature devices from the Tek-CARE500 Wireless Nurse Call system.

“The Rapid Deployment Kit provides wireless, waterproof pendants that patients wear around the neck, on the wrist or can be attached to the bed. When help is needed, the patient simply presses the pendant button which emits a notification to the nurse console as well as to mobile devices (even BYOD). Wireless patient stations with call cords, emergency notification buttons, and auxiliary jacks for medical devices can also be integrated if the setting allows for it…

‘TekTone is here to support the Army Corps of Engineers with stand-up hospitals and existing facilities with a diverse platform of durable nurse call solutions. We are prepared to provide sites with the technologies they need in a time crunch. This Critical Alert partnership allows sites the ability to achieve quick, rapid results in a time when life safety is of the essence,” said John Mira-Knippel, president of TekTone.'”

The TekTone factory is up and running and we are fully prepared to offer nurse call solutions to health care facilities across the country. For more information, please review the press release.