The Crest of Clemmons Find Success with the Tek-CARE®120

With the release of the new Tek-CARE®120, TekTone® opened possibilities for facilities that faced a market with limited options. For the Crest of Clemmons, their situation arose as the result of a lightning strike. Faced with a challenge, they chose to pursue the Tek-CARE®120 and the results have made everyone excited, including Finance Manager Mike Peoples.

Once the system was installed, there was an immediate difference for the facility. “It’s a lot easier to use,” stated Peoples. “ I haven’t had one person say ‘I don’t know how that works.’”

The Tek-CARE®120 combined with the Tek-CARE® app for Apple TV have made a significant impact on the Crest of Clemmons. Check out their full story over on our website.

For more information on how the Tek-CARE®120 can be the right fit for your facility, contact our sales department at (800)327-8466 option 3 or fill-out the contact form on our website.

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