TekTone® receives California OSHPD Special Seismic Certificate Pre-Approval

TekTone®’s Tek-CARE®400 P5 nurse call system and its components received the Special Seismic Certificate Pre-Approval from the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development. The materials were tested to the standards provided by OSHPD and in accordance with California Building Code Section 1705A.13.3. The pre-approval certificate listing designates that the Tek-CARE®400 P5 will maintain functionality and structural integrity during and after an earthquake occurrence.


The Special Seismic certificate further illustrates the durability and assurance that TekTone® systems offer. In the event of an earthquake, TekTone®’s Tek-CARE®400 P5 nurse call system will continue to operate as normal, assuring the safety of residents and staff. Care providers will be able to maintain efficiency while attending to patients.

TekTone®’s pre-approval listing can be viewed on the OSHPD website here.


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