TekTone® Introduces the Next Generation of the Tek-CARE® Platform

TekTone proudly introduces the next generation of the Tek-CARE platform. Two new CE modules and one new master station serve as the launch pad for TekTone’s future, while still building upon the foundations of the past.


The NC404TS Tek-CARE Master Station is the transformative new master for the Tek-CARE platform. With a 22” touchscreen and the new TekTone user interface, the NC404TS makes it easier than ever for staff to view and manage calls. The full touchscreen capability allows staff to easily sort through calls, place staff requests and, with Map View, see the assigned location of the call’s point of origin in the facility. The master also features a side cradle handset, allowing for two-way voice communication with the caller, saving time in assessing the patient’s needs. The master station can be wall or desk mounted, allowing each facility to decide where it fits into their everyday tasks.


The NC356CE Central Equipment Module is the formidable third iteration CE for the Tek-CARE300III nurse call system. Facilities that wish to experience the new features that TekTone has to offer, such as the NC404TS master station, can be confident in knowing that they can reach that goal without having to replace every single device connected to their system. The new CE module is compatible with existing legacy stations from the Tek-CARE300II generation. When choosing the NC356CE, facilities can use either the NC415A master station or the brand new NC404TS. The new module has a smaller footprint than its previous generations, and is also stackable and rack mountable, allowing for flexibility in installation.



The NC455CE launches as the second-generation central equipment module for the Tek-CARE400P5, and is only the beginning of the future for TekTone’s flagship system. The NC455CE is backwards compatible with legacy Tek-CARE400P5 stations, providing facilities the ability to upgrade while maintaining their current way of life. The new module eliminates the current need for the PM-series individual station and master modules, and each CE module can support up to 32 patient stations or 6 touchscreen master stations. With the NC455CE, users, like with the NC356CE, can use either the NC415A and/or the new NC404TS. This module is also stackable and rack mountable for easy installation. Facilities will be able to utilize all of the current capabilities of the current Tek-CARE400P5, while also building a strong foundation for a plethora of more features to come.


The New Generation
The launch of these products is the foundation on which the future of the Tek-CARE platform will be built. Along with the NC475 Tek-CARE Appliance Server, facilities will have more flexibility than ever in creating a system that works for their specific needs. Facilities can connect multiple Tek-CARE systems together, integrate with the Tek-CARE Staff App for iOS and Android, utilize the Tek-CARE App for Apple TV, and utilize many other features available across the Tek-CARE platform. Now, with the introduction of this equipment, facilities can also maintain a static user interface across masters, apps, remote monitors and other system access points so that staff are always looking at the same interface, allowing for simple cross-training.

All three of these products feature:

  • UL® 1069 Listing for skilled nursing facilities
  • UL® 2560 Listing for senior living facilities
  • Tek-CARE compatibility, networking and aesthetics
  • 2-way audio capabilities
  • Much more

For technical information and limitations, please take a look at the spec sheets for the NC404TS, NC356CE and NC455CE. If you have questions, please contact the TekTone sales department at 800.327.8466, option 2, or fill out our contact form.

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