TekTone® Certified to Provide Solutions for Army Corps of Engineers

TekTone is here to support the Army Corps of Engineers.

With a diverse platform of durable nurse call solutions and inventory in stock, we are prepared to provide you with the technologies you need in a time crunch.


We offer both wireless and hardwired technology, including simple and easy-to-install options and a robust reporting software that tracks call information. Our nurse call systems can also be integrated with each other, other nurse call systems and the Tek-CARE Staff App for iOS and Android. Solutions include plug-and-play capabilities, as well as more advanced programming options.


Architects and Engineering specifications for all systems are available for download on the TekTone website, as well as submittal packages and other data sheets for including with other technical documentation.

A&E specs can be found on each system's page on our website.



Our customer service department is available to discuss your needs and answer your questions over the phone at 800.327.8466, option 2, as is our technical support department at option 3. We are ready to assist with any questions you have.

For more information, visit our website , fill out our contact form, or give us a call.


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