Tek-CARE® Call Escalation Provides Security For Every Community

Eight levels of nurse call escalation are available with Tek-CARE nurse call systems. These eight levels of escalation help provide healthcare communities with multi-level resident monitoring. Tektone's eight levels of call escalation help ensure that no distress call goes unheard. An escalation plan can be customized to fit each community's needs, such as the one below.

Mid section of nurse text messaging mobile phone in hospital

• Level 1 – Initial call to Primary Care Staff
• Level 2 – Secondary Care Staff
• Level 3 – Charge Nurse
• Level 4 – Director of Nursing
• Level 5 – Assistant Administrator
• Level 6- Administrator
• Level 7- Specific to facility/community
• Level 8- Specific to facility/community

After a specified amount of time, the call will be sent to the second level of escalation, and then continue to other levels as configured if the call is not responded to/reset. When a call is reset, all levels of escalation are notified.

TekTone® offers custom call escalation options such as escalation code labels (low, medium, high, urgent) for specific call types as well as the ability to set up reminders. Escalations can also be color coded.

Once a call has been escalated, it can be delivered to designated staff members through any method that calls are normally annunciated, including text/email, paging and the Tek-CARE® app for iOS.

For detailed information, please contact the TekTone sales department at (800)327-8466, option 2 or visit www.tektone.com.

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