Sales Support Bulletin: TC300 Liberty Cable Discontinued

TekTone has been notified by Liberty AV Solutions that their cable bundle for the TC300, TC300II, and TC300III systems will no longer be available. The Liberty part number for this cable bundle is TEKTONE-NC300-500. TekTone recommends working with a local supply house to find cable options that are available in your area and meet the requirements below.

Installation and maintenance of TC300-series systems will require integrators to source compatible cabling for the system. The most important factor of the cabling is the capacitance of the cable (especially the data cable) to be used. Capacitance data can be found on the technical spec sheet for the cable published by the cable manufacturer.

The capacitance on the data wires is critical (<24 pF/ft.). If the cable capacitance exceeds this level, data signal degradation can occur and interfere with normal system operation.

The requirements for the various cables required are listed below. This information is also available in the pertinent system manuals.

Data Wires: #18 AWG, 1 twisted pair (8 twists per ft.) plus 1 conductor (3 conductors, 7 str. BC) with 100% aluminum/mylar shield and #20 AWG TC drain wire. Nominal insulation 0.017", nominal OD 0.245" and capacitance <24pF/ft. Recommended conductor colors are ORANGE, YELLOW and GREEN. Overall jacket.

Power Wires: #18 AWG, 3 conductors (7 str. BC) with 100% aluminum/mylar shield and #20 AWG TC drain wire. Nominal insulation 0.009" and nominal OD 0.175". Recommended conductor colors are BROWN, RED and BLUE. Overall jacket.

Audio Wires: #18 AWG, 1 twisted pair (8 twists per foot, 2 conductors, 7 str. BC) with 100% aluminum/mylar #20 AWG TC drain wire. Nominal insulation 0.017", nominal OD 0.235" and capacitance <24 pF/ft. Recommended conductor colors are VIOLET and GRAY. Overall jacket.

Ground Wire: #16 AWG, 1 conductor (26 str. BC) with nominal OD 0.101". Recommended color is BLACK.

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