Product Release Bulletin #91: TA415L and TA415LB Handsets

Extended Handsets for Improved Ergonomics and Audio Quality

As part of TekTone’s continuous improvement process, we have developed and released improved versions of the handsets used with the NC415AV and NC404TS Master Stations.

The extended handsets provide better ergonomics to the user, as well as improved sound isolation within the handset itself, resulting in better audio quality and an overall improved user experience.

Due to the physically larger dimensions of the TA415L (white) and TA415LB (black) handsets, some parts must be swapped out.

To use the TA415L with an existing NC415AV master station, order the IH415LD stand for the NC415AV master, and the TA415L itself. The IH415LD desk mount provides clearance to mount the longer handset cradle included with the TA415L. For wall mounted master stations, only the TA415L is required. The IH415W wall mounting bracket remains unchanged.

To use the TA415LB, the existing NC404 in use must be swapped out with the updated NC404L master station. This is because the handset cradle on the NC404 is integrated with the plastic housing. No other changes to the NC404TS are necessary, the NC404L works with the original mounting bracket provided.

In order to obtain the greatest improvement from the updated handsets, TekTone strongly recommends updating the software on the Tek-CARE system. Current Tek-CARE software is always available from our Resources section.

For more information, call our Sales Department at 800.327.8466, option 2, and ask for specification sheet IL1034 and IL1058. These spec sheets are also available from our Literature Index section.

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