New Product Release Central Monitoring Modem with New Software Version & Cable Adapter 8P8C to 2-Wire

TekTone is excited to announce the release of two new products that provide benefits to the Tek-CARE system as a whole.

Central Monitoring Modem and New Software Version

The NC503 Central Monitoring Modem allows Tek-CARE Nurse Call systems and the Tek-ALERT Integration Manager to send alerts to a central monitoring company via the Tek-CARE Appliance Server. The NC503 connects to both the Tek-CARE Appliance Server and a telephone wall jack, allowing call alerts to be transmitted.

This modem is only supported by Tek-CARE software LS450xxxx version 1.16.0 or later. LS450xxxx version 1.17.0 is now available on the TekTone website.

CT160 Cable Adapter 8P8C to 2-Wire and CT160K with Mounting Kit

The CT160 Cable Adapter 8P8C to 2-Wire allows for even easier retrofit installations of the Tek-CARE120 and Tek-CARE160 nurse call systems. The CT160 converts CAT5 wiring so that it can be used for station runs utilizing the LI122, LI122BL and PM120 Room Controllers. The two-wire flying lead and 8P8C connections allow for installers to salvage existing CAT5 wiring or utilize surplus cable on-hand in the case of a quick installation. The CT160K includes additional plastic for wall-mount option.

For more information, please view the spec sheet for either the CT160/CT160K or the NC503, or call the sales department at 800.327.8466 option 2.

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