NC556 Ethernet to Fiber Converter

The NC556 Ethernet to Fiber Converter enables Ethernet connections in any Tek-CARE® nurse call system to be extended over 328 feet (100 m). The NC556 uses SC-terminated multimode fiber optic cable up to 1.2 miles (2 km) in length. With fiber optic cable, the link is immune to RF interference, ESD, and lightning-induced transients.

The NC556 is UL®1069 Listed and requires no setup and no configuration changes in the linked systems — it is truly plug-and-play. Note that NC556 Ethernet to Fiber Converters are used in pairs, one at each end of the fiber link.

Uses for the NC556 Ethernet to Fiber Converter include:

  • Connect Tek-CARE®400 CE cabinets from multiple buildings into a single system (see the illustration below).
  • Connect a Tek-BRIDGE® to a remote Tek-CARE®400 CE cabinet
  • Extend the TC400 Network to NC402TS Master Stations

TekTone® recommends installation by a technician who is experienced in making multimode fiber connections. For more information, see the
NC556 specification sheet, IL958

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