Improved Management Monitoring and Reporting System for TekTone® Tek-CARE®NC300/II nurse call systems now available!

TekTone® has released an updated management monitoring and reporting system for Tek-CARE®NC300/II nurse call systems to run on the Tek-BRIDGE™ platform.   

NC385 Tek-MMARS®300 replaces NC386 Tek-MMARS®II Management Monitoring and Reporting System for the Tek-CARE®NC300II nurse call system. 

This is the same platform used by the Tek-CARE®500 wireless emergency call system, the Tek-ALERT™ Integration Manager, and the Tek-CARE®400 MMARS software.

The new NC385 Tek-MMARS®300 has a lower starting price point, and can monitor many more than the previous version's limit of eight nurse call systems. (A separate license is required for each connected nurse call system.) 

Up to four Tek-CARE® NC300/II nurse call systems can be connected directly to unused serial ports on the Tek-BRIDGE™ using standard null modem serial cables (Use a PM368K Short Haul Modem Kit to extend the distance of this serial connection). Connect additional Tek-CARE® NC300/II nurse call systems to the facility's LAN using a CT601 Serial to IP Converter, and connect the Tek-BRIDGE™ to the LAN.

Events from monitored nurse call systems are fully integrated into Tek-MMARS®300. If a paging transmitter is connected to the Tek-BRIDGE™, events can automatically send pages to selected staff members' pagers. With the optional LS453 Email Output software, events can automatically send email and text messages, and reports can be sent automatically via email.

Tek-MMARS®300 provides the following functions.

Management and Reports:
Tek-MMARS®300 monitors and stores patient and staff activity. All nurse call system activity is saved on the Tek-BRIDGE™, and the information can be retrieved via the included Tek-CARE® Reporting System. The Tek-CARE® Reporting System can also be accessed via the facility's LAN by networked computers using a web browser.

Tek-MMARS®300 provides a real time Event Monitor of all nurse call activity from connected NC350C-series (with serial communications/printer port) and/or NC351A-series Central Equipment (CE) units. The event monitor also provides call-type filtering — if the "code calls only" option is selected, only code calls will appear on the Tek-MMARS®300 event monitor.

Up to nine networked computers can run the LS586 Remote Event Monitor software to view all system events and messages as they occur. (Tek-MMARS®300 includes a license to install one remote event monitor; additional licenses may be purchased.)

Radio Pocket Paging:
With the addition of an NC369 Paging Transmitter, pages can be sent automatically or semi-automatically to NC390-series Alphanumeric Pagers. Paging can be centrally located for multiple nurse call systems using Tek-MMARS®300.

Restoring/Backing Up:
Tek-MMARS®300 can back up and restore event files. This gives the facility the ability to create a permanent history record on disk, and to later restore that information to create reports from those files.

For more information, download specification sheet IL504 from our website:

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