Heritage Green: Lighting Up Response Times with TekTone’s Tek-CARE®400P5

Since its release in 2010, healthcare facilities around the world have decided to choose the Tek-CARE®400P5 for its level of flexibility and customization. After choosing to upgrade to the Tek-CARE®400P5, the staff at Heritage Ministries in Gerry, NY took notice of the multicolor LED dome lights available. With 8 colors to choose from, the call type possibilities were virtually endless, and they knew that with programming, they could help improve their call response times at every facility they own and operate. At Heritage Green, a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility operated by Heritage Ministries, the results have been tangible. Jeff Ondrey, Director of Nursing Operations, is especially excited about the results.

“So far we have seen significant improvement in call bell response times, particularly at Heritage Green, where historically this had been a common complaint expressed by residents,” noted Ondrey. “We now average less than 5 minutes per call. Additionally, it appears that there [are] less than 5% of calls that exceed 15 minutes of wait time.”

Along with Tek-CARE reporting, the Tek-CARE®400P5 assists Heritage Ministries in achieving their goal of lower call response times and allowing the staff to analyze what works and what needs to change.


Heritage Green in Greenhurst, NY

To read the full story about Heritage Green, please visit the case study on our website.

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