Discontinuation Notice – Legacy P5 Stations and Wall Sconce

Effective immediately due to parts availability, The IR41XP5 series stations are discontinued. This includes the IR411P5 Single Patient Station, IR412P5 Dual Patient Station, IR400P5 Multipurpose Station, IR445P5 Resident Station with Check-In, IR410P5 Staff Station and IR415P5 Duty Station.

The new Tek-CARE400P5+ IR42XP5-series stations with the PM497 Backwards Compatibility Module can serve as drop-in replacements for these discontinued stations. Utilizing the backwards compatibility module, all existing peripheral devices and CE modules can remain in place.

The IR41XP5-series stations are still covered under their 5-year warranty and can be repaired as needed.

The LI600 Wall Sconce is also discontinued. The scone is a decorative accessory and therefore no replacement is required.

For more information, please take a look at the Tek-CARE400P5+ submittal package for station details, or contact the sales department to 800-327-8466 option 2.


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