Software Release for LS450 version 1.43.1 is now available to download.

This release is a new TekTone recommended minimum Tek-CARE version (FIELD UPGRADE REQUIRED) and includes the following features:

  • Fixed issue where some NC475s were showing a Cloud License Error fault after an update with no cloud licensed features enabled.
  • Added  support for the SF126DC dry contact output for use with NC120 and NC160 systems as well as P5+ and GEN3 stations.
  • Added support for dry contact outputs 1-4 on the IR430G3 and IR434G3.
  • Fixed  compatibility between audio changes made for GEN3 stations in 1.42.4 and P5/P5+ stations on NC455CEs with latest audio board.

For more information,  contact Technical Support at 800.327.8466, option 3, download the software from TekTone Resources or access the TekTone Elite Partner portal at TEP – Login.