The new Clearview Badge is available in white, green, blue, red and yellow, giving caregivers, administrators, patients and visitors an easy way to distinguish badges from one another.

TekTone® has partnered with Versus® to offer healthcare facilities the power to locate patients, staff and equipment at all times—automating many tasks! Our Versus® Tracking
Interface Software receives tracking badge locations from the Versus® Information System (VIS), and displays it on NC401TS LCD touchscreen master stations. Staff members wearing
badges are automatically logged into patient rooms, and pressing a button on a badge places a staff emergency call on the nurse call system.

Advantages and features of the system include:
LS451 Versus® Tracking Interface Software runs on the NC470 Tek-BRIDGE™PC, which is connected to the Tek-CARE®400 Nurse Call System and, via the facility’s local
area network, to the Versus® Information System (VIS) server.
Programming is done via an online configuration tool.
Automatically register staff presence in patient rooms.
Place a staff emergency call when the button on a badge is pressed.
Track equipment.
Automatically create the VIS locations database from nurse call system station data.

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