Requires Tek-CARE® software version 7254 or later

Our new IR416P5 Staff Station may be used as either a psychiatric staff emergency station, or as a vandal resistant staff emergency station. The mode of operation is selected using an onboard jumper.


Psychiatric Staff Emergency Station

The IR416P5 Vandal-Resistant/ Psychiatric Staff Station is located in the room or ward where intercom is desired, and an SF336A Key Switch is located outside the ward. Up to two peripheral SF338A Staff Emergency Switches may also be located in the ward. Turning the key in the key switch:

  • enables the Call button on the IR416P5 Staff Station
  • enables the associated SF338A Staff Emergency Switches (unless the always active behavior has been selected for the SF338A)
  • places an Enabled call at the master station
  • turns on a purple dome light

When used as a psych station, the IR416P5 supports two SF338A Supervised Emergency Switches and one SF336A Key Switch. The IR416P5 speaker/microphone is always available regardless of key position.

The IR416P5 can also be located outside the ward, with or without a key switch. Place an IR019D Remote Speaker/Microphone Panel and an SF338A Staff Emergency Switch inside the ward, and use the IR416P5 station’s onboard jumper to switch audio to the IR019D panel. (This deactivates audio on the IR416P5.)


Vandal-Resistant Staff Emergency Station

When used as a vandal-resistant staff emergency station, the IR416P5 operates similarly.

  • The IR416P5 and associated staff emergency switches are always on and available to place a call.
  • The key switch is not used.

When used as a vandal-resistant station, the station supports two SF338A, plus code, AUX and presence peripherals.


Panel Construction

The staff station, key switch, emergency switch and remote speaker/microphone include these vandal-resistant features:

  • 16 gauge stainless steel panels
  • Aluminum mesh in front of Mylar speakers
  • Buttons have a metal case, a metal actuator and a smooth face
  • Tamper-resistant spanner-head screws (Use a #6 spanner driver, TekTone® part number HT007)

Connections are supervised from the IR416P5 station to the SF336A key switch and the SF338A emergency switches.