According to a recent bulletin from Inovonics, the manufacturer of our Tek-CARE®500 Frequency Agile (FA) product line, most of the FA product line will be discontinued this year.

Due to recent economic conditions, Inovonics’ suppliers are discontinuing some necessary components of FA products. Consequently, the FA product line has become obsolete sooner than expected. Also, due to the recent devastation in Japan, availability of a key component of FA products has been severely disrupted, resulting in longer lead times.

TekTone® will accept last-time-buy orders for the following FA parts until August 15, 2011:

Inovonics # TekTone # Description
BAT603 BA510 Backup Battery for NC511, NC512
FA464DR NC505 Additional Receiver
FA403 NC510 Receiver
FA570 NC511 Repeater
FA536 NC512 Locator
FA116 NC515 NC505 Programmer
FA202 SF505 Wireless Smoke Detector
FA210W SF520 Door/Window Egress Wireless Transmitter with magnet
FA210 SF525 Universal Contact Transmitter for NO maintained input
FA210M SF526 Universal Contact Transmitter for NO momentary input
FA210 W/ WIRING HARNESS SF527 Wireless Support Module – 1 required for each SF337C
  SF529A Check-In/Assistance Station with built-in transmitter


Orders will ship by December 31, 2011.

Inovonics expects to be able to continue supplying us with the SF501 (FA223S) Pendant Transmitter and the SF502 (FA203S) Wall-Mounted Transmitter for the next 12–18 months, but availability and price depend on component availability.

TekTone® is prepared to support facilities through the transition. To meet their needs, the Tek-CARE®500 is the first wireless nurse call / emergency call system that can handle EchoStream (ES) and Frequency Agile (FA) transmitters at the same time! This allows a facility to transition seamlessly from FA technology to ES technology without risking the safety and security of residents and patients. Many of our customers have already made the switch to the more advanced EchoStream product, and others are in the process.

Some features of the new EchoStream (ES) product line include:

  • Reliability—The EchoStream line utilizes a unique frequency hopping, spread-spectrum technology to meet the demands of an increasingly cluttered wireless world.
  • Flexibility—The flexibility of wireless is a necessity in today’s dynamic commercial environments. The self-configuring EchoStream Commercial Mesh Network allows you to adapt to changing floor plans and requirements in a matter of minutes. New sensors can be added to the network as fast as they can be mounted.
  • Scalability—The EchoStream Mesh Network’s backbone of intelligent repeaters can extend coverage to thousands of sensors across entire campuses.

For more information, please visit Inovonics’ FA FAQ, or call TekTone® Sales Department at (800) 327-8466 option 3.