Effective immediately, the NC502 PC Alarm Panel is discontinued.

The PC Alarm Panel is most often used with the Tek-CARE500 system, allowing the system to dial out to a Central Monitoring company in case of an unmanned facility.

In recent years the volume of sales of the NC502 has decreased substantially. As GSM and IP versions have become prevalent and readily available from common commercial sources, we have found that our customers are typically sourcing their own alarm panels.

While TekTone does not recommend a specific brand or model to replace the NC502, we do recommend that our customers who require this functionality look to panel manufacturers such as DSC, Silent Knight, and Honeywell for a suitable alternative. These and other brands are available at most alarm distribution outlets.

If you have any questions regarding the NC502, please contact the sales department at 800.327.8466, option 2 or fill out our contact form.