New Case Study: Upgrading Resident Care with the Tek-CARE® Platform

With multiple locations and large campuses, changing out the nurse call systems at Willow Brook Christian Communities all at once was not an option and for most senior care facilities, choosing the right nurse call system can be an overwhelming task. At Willow Brook, they only needed to choose TekTone.

"Willow Brook came to the realization that rather than require the facility to adapt to the system, Tek-CARE nurse call systems are designed to fit the facility. With interchangeable parts and pieces, Tek-CARE systems are easily installed and upgraded..."

In choosing the Tek-CARE platform, Willow Brook chose the ability to integrate multiple nurse call systems to utilize the features they need. As time goes on, they will be able to add and remove features as their staff and residents change, creating a customizable solution that caters to their method of care.

To read the full story, check out the Willow Brook case study. Other case studies are also available on our website.

For more information on the Tek-CARE platform, fill our our contact form or contact your regional representative.

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