What is the Tek-CARE300III Nurse Call System?

The Tek-CARE®NC300II is a long-lasting staple of TekTone®’s nurse call systems. Its pillow speaker compatibility, touchscreen masters and wide distribution make it the right fit for many facilities. 2019 product releases gave the NC300II a major upgrade, so it only makes sense to upgrade the name along with the products. Now, with a new CE module and exciting new master station options, the NC300II gave way to the Tek-CARE300III.

The NC356CE CE Module is the cornerstone for the Tek-CARE300III, serving as the base unit for new functions and features. Its smaller footprint allows for simple storage, and it serves as a drop-in* replacement for existing NC351X-series CEs. With the NC356CE, options for master stations include the NC415A and the brand new NC404TS.

The NC415AV is a sleek, modern, touchscreen master station that allows staff members to view and interact with calls, as well as communicate with residents and patients using 2-way voice communication. The master’s small footprint and budget-friendly price make it ideal for any facility.

The NC404TS is the newest, transformative master for the Tek-CARE platform. The 22” monitor with full touchscreen capabilities offers a large space for staff to communicate with patients/residents, and also other masters. In addition, the master also provides options for list view and map view, providing users with the option to see where each call is coming from. Together with the NC475 Tek-CARE Appliance Server, the capabilities are greatly expanded with options for reporting, the Tek-CARE Staff App for iOS and Android, integration with other systems, and much more.

The best part? The Tek-CARE300III still utilizes the legacy IR3XX-series patient stations and LI38X-series dome lights, so facilities looking to upgrade don’t have to worry about replacing their existing devices. All of the functionality will remain the same, with more features, and a clean, modern new look at their disposal.

Still curious about the changes? Take a look below to check out what’s different.

A Tek-CARENC300II system encompasses:

  • NC351A or NC351A/2 Central Equipment
  • NC305LCD and/or NC306 master stations
  • SF3XX-series patient/staff/multipurpose stations
  • SF3XX-series peripheral stations
  • LI38XLED-series domelights
  • Pillow speakers & call cords

A Tek-CARE300III system encompasses:

  • NC356CE CE Module
  • NC404TS and/or NC415A master stations
  • SF3XX-series patient/staff/multipurpose stations
  • SF3XX-series peripheral stations
  • LI38XLED-series domelights
  • Pillow speakers & call cords
  • NC475 Tek-CARE Appliance Server

The Tek-CARE300III is the third generation of the 300-series nurse call system, and in this iteration we are bringing the system into the modern age. As with all Tek-CARE systems, parts exclusively used for the Tek-CARENC300II system generation will still be available for replacement and repair as long as supplies allow.

For more information, please contact your regional representative, contact the sales department at 800.327.8466, option 2, or fill out our contact form.

*Number of CE modules required dependent upon the current number of installed addressable stations and      masters.

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