Tek-CARE®400 Nurse Call System integrates with hospital ADT systems!

The LS452 ADT Interface Software uses the HL7 Standard to receive patient data, and then displays it on LCD touchscreen nurse master stations. The LS452 Software runs on the NC470 Tek-BRIDGE PC, which is connected to both the Tek-CARE®400 Nurse Call System and the facility's network.

The LS452 Software receives patient information from the facility's Admit, Discharge, Transfer system via the facility's network. Patient name and room/bed number are then displayed on NC401TS Touchscreen Nurse Master Stations. Programming is quickly done via an online configuration tool.

With this software release, accessing a facility's Hospital Information System maintains a focus on patient census information for use in nurse-call-related activities and on patient and bed data for bed management. Not only does this interface support efficient patient care by providing detailed patient information, but administration will benefit from monitoring and reporting features to ensure the facility is operating at an optimal level.

US list price is $12,500.00 for the LS452 ADT Interface Software using the HL7 Standard. For more information about our Tek-CARE®400 Nurse Call System, contact our Sales department at (800) 327-8466, option 3.

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