Software version 1.24.10 is now live available for download for Tek-CARE systems.  This release includes improved start-up power for the Tek-CARE120 Tone-Visual and Tek-CARE160 Two-Way Communication Nurse Call Systems enhancing field performance for those systems with newer Gen. 2 CEs.

Moreover, this release includes support that came with software v. 1.23.10 for devices such as the SF121/123 bed and pull cord stations.  Please consider this release as an “across the board” release providing robustness and addressing timing factors even for Tek-CARE400 P5+ Nurse Call Systems.

For more information, contact Technical Support at 800.327.8466, option 3, download the software from TekTone Resources | Literature, Training, Systems Design, Order TrackingTekTone® or access the TekTone Elite Partner portal at TEP - Login (tektone.com).

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