Safety Tips for National Bath Safety Month

January is National Bath Safety Month and during this time it's important to remember that bathrooms can be dangerous places for seniors or people with mobility issues. Here are some tips for ensuring that your loved ones, residents or clients are safe.

  1. Utilize slip resistant mats in the shower.
  2. Install grab bars in the shower, near the tub and toilet.
  3. Place a non-slip rug outside of the bath or shower.
  4. Place night lights throughout the bathroom to ensure good visibility at all times.
  5. Ensure there is an emergency call system or device in place for when accidents occur.

TekTone provides life safety technologies to help those who experience falls whether via our emergency waterproof pull stations available through all of our nurse call systems or with fall detection technology now available through our acquisition of Stay Smart Care. Whether at home, in a senior living community or acute care facility, TekTone is helping provide safety to loved ones where they need it most.


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