Pointing a Spotlight During National Skilled Nursing Care Week

As the aging population grows larger, more people are likely to require some form of skilled nursing care. During National Skilled Nursing Care Week, we take a moment to recognize the communities that provide necessary care to those that we love.

Skilled nursing care homes provide around-the-clock care to their residents, while also providing a connected community for which they can thrive. These communities are facing insurmountable odds at current time, and will continue to do so. However, they are finding ways to adapt and protect their residents, while still working hard to provide that sense of community.

Skilled nursing care communities provide us with the safety and security of knowing that those we care about are protected, and right now they need support. This week, take a moment to share a message of support to your local nursing homes and their residents.

At TekTone, we are beyond grateful for the work that skilled nursing homes provide, and we are happy to support them in their everyday mission of keeping residents safe and connected.



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