New Product Release: NC475 Tek-CARE Appliance Server and LS450 Software Update

The new Tek-CARE Appliance Server maintains the functionality of the current Tek-BRIDGE® while adding more exciting features on an aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate interface.


The NC475 Tek-CARE® Appliance Server is an entirely new platform that utilizes a custom-built operating system that allows for more flexibility and the capability to run more mobile and Apple TV apps. The new Tek-CARE Appliance Server is available in two versions: the NC475 and the NC475DESK.

The NC475 is designed to act as an appliance server and is typically installed in a server room or equipment closet. This option is best for facilities with more mobile staff members that would like to utilize apps and pagers as opposed to stationary master stations. The NC475 includes a navigation menu for performing tasks such as back-up reporting and reset.

The NC475DESK is supplied with a touchscreen monitor, wireless keyboard, and mouse, and is used as the main monitor for a non-voice Tek-CARE system such as the Tek-CARE500. The user interface on the touchscreen monitor resembles the Tek-CARE app for Apple TV and iOS, maintaining the new modern look and feel for TekTone software.

Major features of both versions include:

  • UL® 1069 and cUL Listed for Hospital Signaling and Nurse Call Equipment
  • UL 2560 Listed for Emergency Call Systems
  • Updated User interface
  • New Config Tool Live software for administrative system updates via web browser
  • Can function as the primary master station for the non-audio Tek-CARE system.
  • Includes paging software module for automatic and manual pages to staff.
  • Software module choices include event monitoring, reporting, Mobile App, Apple TV displays, email output, and more.
  • 2 network interface ports provide connections to the Tek-CARE Network and facility LAN.
  • 6 RS232 serial ports provide connections for a paging transmitter, a central monitoring auto dialer, and Tek-CARE500 receivers.
  • Major systems changes can only be committed using the Config Tool connected by a networked laptop

For more details, the specification sheet can be found here:

For pricing, please contact our Sales Department at 800.327.8466, option 2.


New LS450 Software version 1.0.67a576f

The newest version of the LS450 Config Tool software is required in order to operate the NC475. In addition to providing support for the Appliance Server, the new version of software also provides new features to be used with the Tek-CARE system.

New Event Monitors
Event monitors now have a new design, look and feel and can now show maps and patient photos if they are uploaded into the Tek-CARE Network.

ConfigTool Live
The new ConfigTool Live software allows for minor changes to be made within the Tek-CARE Network while the system remains up-and-running. This includes making staff assignments, adding/updating patient information and photos and adjusting transmitter traffic settings. All of these things can be done by using Config Tool Live.

Other Features
In this version of software, STAT calls are moved to the Call screen on the NC415, event monitors and mobile apps and custom text messages can also be typed into any of the previously mentioned interfaces as well.

Once the new software upgrade is applied, it will not be possible to revert back without a back-up. It is important to back-up your current configuration via the existing Config Tool before proceeding with a software upgrade.

Software more recent than 7331, including 1.0.67a576f and all versions released from this point forward, will NOT support the NC401TS master station or the NC474 Tek-BRIDGE. The last update for NC474 software is still version 7331. No new feature software updates will be provided for the NC474.

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