NC415A Master Station Replaced with NC415AV

TekTone announces the discontinuation of the NC415A Master Station effective September 1, 2019. The direct replacement is the new NC415AV.

TekTone's new NC415AV master station combines the functionality of previous NC415 master station versions - plus visual and audio license functionality - into a single device and a single part number at a single competitive price! The new NC415AV master will allow for simplification in quoting, servicing and inventorying, and may be deployed in both audio and non-audio applications across a Tek-CARE Network utilizing Gen2 CE modules (including the NC120, NC160, NC356CE and NC455CE). The NC415AV master station is also a drop-in replacement for existing NC415A masters.

To reiterate, this INCLUDES BOTH audio and non-audio functionality. There is no separate license to purchase. The mounting hardware (IH415D, IH415W) and the handset for audio applications (TA415) will continue to be sold separately.

NC415A Master Stations (along with their respective LS415AUD or LS415VIS licenses) on orders placed with TekTone starting September 1, 2019 will be converted to NC415AV at the new pricing.

TekTone will continue to support existing NC415A masters under the manufacturer's warranty.

If you have questions about this notification, please contact the TekTone Sales Department at 800.327.8466, option 2, or fill out our contact us webform.

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