National ASC Week Begins August 8th

August 8th - 12th is National Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) week! This week we shine a spotlight on these unique and transforming facilities.

ASC's provide surgery and outpatient procedures outside of the hospital environment. asc According to the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association, "ASCs have...transformed the outpatient experience by offering a convenient and personalized alternative to the hospital outpatient surgical setting."

National ASC week allows these facilities to spread awareness about their offerings and connect with their local communities. To learn more about what ASCs have to offer, please visit the ASCA website.

TekTone® is proud to provide many ASCs with state-of-the-art nurse call systems for their ever-growing community of patients. With the flexible Tek-CARE® platform, TekTone® can provide for the specific needs of each ASC. More information can be found on the ASC page of the TekTone website.


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