Introducing the New Wander Wearables Tag

The SF705 Wander Wearables Tag is the sleek, next generation for the Tek-CARE®700 Wander Management System. The wearable features a stylish and modern design, helping residents feel more at ease while still providing the same level of safety. The SF705 is designed to resemble fitness trackers and other unobtrusive devices, making it less noticeable and less institutional than previous versions. Wearables can be worn on the wrist or ankle, and bands may be adjusted by staff to varying levels of security.

Existing users can be assured that the SF705 can be used with currently installed Tek-CARE700 systems. The new tag operates in the same way as the first generation tags, including similar and new features such as:

• 6-month battery life
• 10-year shelf-life (deactivated & properly stored)
• Permanently sealed against moisture & dust
• Selectable band attachment security levels
• Replaceable band

Replacement bands are available for order as the RP705K.

For more information, please check out the IL1039 Spec Sheet or contact our sales department.

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