International TekTone Distributor Exhibits in Vietnam

TekTone's international presence is always expanding. This week, TekTone distributor Tritaco exhibited at the 24th Vietnam International Medical, Hospital & Pharmaceutical Exhibition in Hanoi. Products represented include the Tek-CARE400P5, the Tek-CARE300II and the NC110 Legacy Nuse Call System. In addition to Tritaco in Vietnam, TekTone maintains representatives all over Asia, including Japan, Thailand, Philippines, and Korea.

Because of the rapidly growing markets outside of the United States, TekTone is working to expand and adapt our resources, including options for translated marketing material as exhibited by the trade show banner in Hanoi. Currently, TekTone stocks literature translated into Spanish and the newly launched TekTone website provides an option for translation at the bottom of each page.

For more information on international distributors, please visit Where to Buy.




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