SF530UL and SF531UL Stations Now Replacement Only

Effective immediately, the SF530UL and SF531UL will only be available as replacement parts for existing Tek-CARE®500 systems. No units for new systems will be sold. These are the first-generation UL listed wireless patient and emergency stations, respectively.

The SF521UL and SF523UL are available as drop-in replacements for these stations and for use with new systems. The SF521UL replaces the SF530UL and the SF523UL replaces the SF531UL. The SF523UL can also be used as replacement for the previously discontinued SF529UL with the proper buttons and programming. An NC475 Tek-CARE Appliance Server is required to use the SF521/523UL.

For assistance, please contact the sales department at 800.327.8466 option 2, or fill out our contact form. Spec sheets are also available here.

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