Discontinuation Notices – Multiple Part Number Affected

Effective immediately, the following parts are discontinued:

LI380 and LI386C

These dome lights feature incandescent bulbs and are used with the Tek-CARENC300II system.

Both dome lights can be replaced with the LI380LED and the LI386LED, respectively. The LED dome lights last longer and require far less maintenance than their older counterparts, and will provide an updated look to any facility.

LI482, LI484SUP and LI484Z

These dome lights also feature incandescent bulbs, but are most commonly used with the first generation of the Tek-CARE400 system. The LI482 and LI484Z can be replaced by the LI482LED and the LI484ZLED, respectively.

Incandescent Bulb Replacement Kits

With the discontinuation of the last remaining dome lights that utilize incandescent bulbs, the replacement bulbs are also being discontinued. This includes the part numbers:


These bulbs will only be available for replacement use only while supplies last.


The NC399P pager was used with the NC369 paging base that was discontinued in 2018. There is no direct replacement for the NC399P, but new paging systems utilizing the NC365B paging base only use the NC397A pager. Please contact sales for more information.

Parts Listed as 'For Replacement Only'

The NC351A and the NC351A/2 (along with the PK305 power supply) are now only available as replacement-only parts. These parts serve as the central equipment on the Tek-CARENC300II nurse call system. New systems will utilize the Gen2 NC356CE CE module. Should you experience an issue with your current NC351A(/2), please contact technical support.


The spec sheets for all current, non-TEP exclusive products can be found in the TekTone literature index.

If you have any questions about the parts listed in this notice, please contact the sales department at 800.327.8466, option 2, or fill out our contact form.

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