National Rural Health Day: Celebrating the Power of Rural

The third Thursday in November is National Rural Health Day, bringing to light the Power of Rural and the challenges faced in providing healthcare to the 57 million Americans that reside in rural settings.

Rural healthcare providers are the backbone of the U.S. healthcare industry, with over 1,300 critical access hospitals supporting the acute care landscape in rural communities.  50% of rural health departments also operate school-based health clinics, providing complementary services such as immunizations and maternal services. They also face a challenging landscape as the residents of these areas encounter more food insecurity, lower household incomes and staffing shortages. Through the #PowerOfRural, we can engage policymakers, program funders and partners to assist rural health systems and provide care where it is needed.

As members of a rural community in North Carolina, everyone at TekTone is proud to provide support to local healthcare facilities, as well as in other rural communities throughout the country. We provide solutions that create more staff efficiency so that healthcare workers can provide the care that we need, as well as provide added safety for patients and residents. We also support our local nursing and medical education programs in order to create a new generation of healthcare workers within the place that we call home.

For more information on National Rural Health Day, please visit the website for the National Organization of State Offices or Rural Health.

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