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Technical Support Bulletin (TSB47): Tek-CARE Software Version 1.22.10

Pre-Upgrade Notice The newest version of Tek-CARE Software brings a completely new user interface to the legacy Gen1 NC402TS and NC401VFD. Both Master Stations now have user interfaces that closely match the Gen2 (NC415AV/NC404TS) Master Stations. The updated user interface provides for a quicker and much more responsive experience from the Gen1 Master Stations. Before…
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Technical Support Bulletin (TSB46): Using the CT160 2-Wire to CAT5 Converter

Converting 2-wire bus to CAT5 on the Tek-CARE120 and Tek-CARE160 Systems Two new products are now available to simplify and expedite the installation of Tek-CARE120 and Tek-CARE160 systems, the CT160 and the CT160K. The only difference between the two part numbers is the CT160K includes a complete plastic mounting housing. The CT160 is a small…
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Technical Support Bulletin (TSB 43): Tek-CARE Platform Software Update Process

Due to recent developmental efforts and platform improvements to the Tek-CARE system, changes have been made to the firmware that runs on addressable stations, master stations, and dome lamps on the Tek-CARE Platform. It is vitally important that any technician who is updating a Tek-CARE120, Tek-CARE 160, Tek-CARE400P5 or Tek-CARE400P5+ system be patient during the…
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