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Heritage Green: Lighting Up Response Times with TekTone’s Tek-CARE®400P5

Since its release in 2010, healthcare facilities around the world have decided to choose the Tek-CARE®400P5 for its level of flexibility and customization. After choosing to upgrade to the Tek-CARE®400P5, the staff at Heritage Ministries in Gerry, NY took notice of the multicolor LED dome lights available. With 8 colors to choose from, the call…
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Southwestern Community College Holds Ribbon Cutting for Health Sciences Simulation Lab featuring TekTone®

[caption id="attachment_3258" align="alignright" width="275"] Ribbon cutting ceremony held outside of SCC's new simulation lab.[/caption] On Tuesday, March 28, 2017, Southwestern Community College (SCC) in Sylva, North Carolina held a grand opening ceremony for their new state-of-the-art health sciences simulation lab. The lab features the latest simulation technology to be used by students, including simulated dummies…
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The Crest of Clemmons Find Success with the Tek-CARE®120

With the release of the new Tek-CARE®120, TekTone® opened possibilities for facilities that faced a market with limited options. For the Crest of Clemmons, their situation arose as the result of a lightning strike. Faced with a challenge, they chose to pursue the Tek-CARE®120 and the results have made everyone excited, including Finance Manager Mike…
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