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NC506ES Remote Receiver

TekTone® remote receiver adds dome light annunciation to the Tek-CARE®500 Wireless Emergency Call System The NC506ES Remote Receiver allows external dome lights and dialers to be connected to our Tek-CARE®500 Wireless Emergency Call System, providing an alternate annunciation path. The remote receiver features 4 individual dry contact outputs, each of which can be programmed to…
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Discount on SI004 & SI004/2 Illuminated Signs

In last week's TekTalk, we mentioned a limited time promotion of $20 off on the SI004 & SI004/2 Area of Rescue Assistance Illuminated Signs. Now, we're improving the deal: For a limited time, order an SI004 or SI004/2 and get $80.00 off US list price! TekTone®'s SI004 and SI004/2 Area of Rescue Assistance Illuminated Signs…
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Tek-CARE®400 Nurse Call System integrates with hospital ADT systems!

The LS452 ADT Interface Software uses the HL7 Standard to receive patient data, and then displays it on LCD touchscreen nurse master stations. The LS452 Software runs on the NC470 Tek-BRIDGE™ PC, which is connected to both the Tek-CARE®400 Nurse Call System and the facility's network. The LS452 Software receives patient information from the facility's…
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